This revolutionary device can produce electro muscle stimulation same time, channelling them towards the human body thanks to special suits

The Device communicates with the human body when it is engaged in physical activity, by means of a magnetic connector on the suit. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the system needs no wiring, thus enabling the user to enjoy total freedom of movement.

Enhance your performances


It works on the muscle
contraction by stepping up the
strength and building
the endurance.


It works on the body tissues
increasing the ATP, thus
reactivating microcirculation and
enhancing cell regeneration.


The Raptor Version is capable of satisfying athletes wishing to better their performances or restoring their muscle tone.

Technology applied to the body, a combined action that works on the tissues.

More than 50 programmes are available to satisfy different requirements, whether those of an untrained body in need of weight loss or silhouette modelling, or an athlete wishing to enhance his/her performance:

Technology applied

The Internet of Medical Things improves the device’s performances; the software is capable of storing the results and comparing them over time, thus monitoring progress.

The user’s experience at the heart of training

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technologies in bms RAPtOR

Electro MIO & BIO stimulation

Electric impulses that stimulate muscle contraction
Electric microcurrents stimulate tissue regeneration, muscle toning and skin lifting. Microcurrents have been shown to stimulate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production and to restore the naturale balance of the cells.