Iper EGO combines the traditional and comforting value of the manual massage with all the benefits from the latest technologies.

Non-invasive face and body treatment.

  • SAFE

Bio & Mio Iper Ego stimulations associates the energy of lights

Non-invasive face and body treatment technology

Non-invasive face and body treatment technology

Iper Ego - associates with training BMS Workout active and passive or rather latent of the Mio & Bio Stimulations transmitted and enhanced through the special glove patented by Novavision laboratories.

Hinders The Signs Of Cellulite
Has A Lifting Effect
It Has A Detoxifying Action
Improve The Venous System
And Lymphatic

Hinders The Signs Of Cellulite

Total Body

Athletic preparation
Postural re-education

Postural re-education
Muscle rehabilitation
Mobility improvement articulate
Cellular Regeneration
Gives Immediate Relaxation

Tones The Muscles

Tones The Muscles

technologies in Iper EGO

Electro MIO & BIO stimulation

Electric impulses that stimulate muscle

Electric microcurrents stimulate tissue regeneration, muscle toning and skin lifting.

Microcurrents have been shown to stimulate ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production and to restore the naturale balance of the cells.


Photobiostimulation is based on the use of specific wavelengths:

• 630 nm (redlight) promotes collagen regeneration and increases microcirculation

• 830 nm or NIR (near infrared) acts on inflammation processes improving linfatic draining and increasing cellular metabolism.