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Dynamic quadripolar RadioFREQUENCY

DQRF™ is the technology that allows you to focus so accurate and precise issuance of energy on specific layers of the skin tissue, stimulating different physiological processes.

Great results from Novavision Scientific Board

The tissue is treated in a natural, safe, comfortable and effective way.

Novavision engineers have managed to make the configuration DYNAMIC – the emitters turn into receivers by changing their charge within specific time spots, each time modifying the magnetic field and focusing it to obtain:

waves that can penetrate even the deepest tissues without overheating tissues that are not involved in the treatment

amplified common RF action in total safety

no energy dispersion

After a course of DQRF™  applications, the collagen fibers underwent an immediate heat-induced rearrangement and were partially denaturated and progressively metabolized by the macrophages. An overall thickening and spatial rearrangement was appreciated both in collagen and elastic fibers, the latter displaying a juveline reticular pattern.

in response to the following needs

Localized Fat Reduction
Silhouette remodeling
Tone and elasticity of the dermis

Hinders The Signs Of Cellulite
Postural re-education

Cicatricial outcomes
Hands rejuvenation
Stretch marks
Wrinkle Reduction

devices with this technology